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35.3 De grenzen voorbij (pdf)


M. Schrover, 'About ‘tribes’? Introduction to the Leidschrift issue on non-Western migration';

O. P. Kennedy, 'Slave Refugees, Self-Emancipation, and the Evolving Landscape of Freedom in the United States and Canada';

R. Negrón, 'Enslaved Children in the Dutch Slave Trade';

G. Oonk, 'Gevestigde buitenstaanders: De Indiase diaspora in Oost-Afrika, 1880- 2000';

L. Rosen Jacobsen, 'A Eurasian New Guinea? The attempt to build a common homeland for people of mixed ancestry in the 1930s and 1940s unravelled';

W. Gam Nkwi, 'Afoysiina-a-kfaang (food of newness): Cultigens in Global migration flows in Kom, Cameroon since the 1650s'.

35.3 De grenzen voorbij (pdf)

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